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Course materials can be obtained from QOL.

If you have any queries regarding these courses please contact me via email.

Level 2

CHM2003 - Alicyclic Chemistry

Chemdraw installation instructions (link) and workshop (link).

Topspin installation instructions (courtesy of Cambridge University) available here (note - disregard the section on downloading the installation package from the network, just download it directly from Bruker). 

Level 3

CHM3002 - Advanced Pericyclic Chemistry 

CHM3002 - Stereochemistry and Stereocontrol

Level 4

CHM4002 - Asymmetric Synthesis (Substrate and Auxiliary Control)

CHM4007 - Late=Stage Functionalization for Medicinal Chemistry


1D NMR Spectroscopy for Master's and PhD Students - notes available here.

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