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Current Group Members

Sinead McCann

MSc Student

"I’m from Magherafelt. I’ve returned to QUB to complete my master’s after a year in industry at Almac where I worked within Process Development. My research project involves the synthesis of a new class of foldamer. Pastimes include travelling, hiking and attempting to learn German."

Sinead joined us in October 2021.

Daniel Allen

MSc Student

"when I'm not in University, I'm normally trying to watch as much rugby as I can or I'll be in the gym powerlifting"

Daniel joined us in October 2021, working on the asymmetric synthesis of C-N atropisomers.

Past Group Members

Hannah Agnew

Christian Cowan

Now at Almac.

Ryan McGhee

Now at Almac

Callum Hagan

Helen Cairnduff

Now at Almac.

Rebecca Lister

Conor Duffy

Alex Gherasim

Francesca Alexander

Now carrying out her PhD project with Prof. Stuart James

Aislinn Harkin

Matthew Fitzpatrick

PhD in Southampton with Steve Goldup.

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