PhD Positions

2019 Entry

We currently have a fully-funded PhD position available within the group. The project will involve the use of synthetic organic chemistry and our group expertise in foldamer chemistry to develop new molecules to probe and treat amyloid diseases. Applicants will have a strong track record in organic chemistry and/or chemical biology. This funding is for UK residents only (due to funding body constraints) and is available for three years. Those interested should contact me.

Postdoctoral Positions

Funded positions will be advertised here and on the Queen's University website.

For those individuals wishing to apply for research fellowships, the following programmes may be of use:

Many other fellowships and funding opportunities exist, but vary widely depending on the country of origin of the applicant. If you are a talented postdoctoral candidate considering applying for these or other fellowships, please contact Peter directly for assistance in drafting your application.

Short Placements

We are committed to providing practical experience to the next generation of organic chemists. We welcome applications from undergraduates with a strong interest in organic chemistry to undertake short research placements within the Knipe lab. The RSC provides funding for such placements, and students wishing to apply should contact us for assistance in the application process.

We also welcome applications from individuals wishing to pursue Erasmus or similar placements in the Knipe lab.

Level 4 Undergraduate Research Projects

We will host up to two final year undergraduate research project students per year. The formal application procedure occurs early in the first semester (October) but students interested in joining the group are advised to contact Peter in advance to discuss projects.